Holiday decorating ideas for your commercial landscape clients

Holiday lights are certainly one way to get your commercial landscape properties ready for the holidays. But there are other landscaping elements that can help to set the tone for a cheerful holiday. Joseph Barnes, marketing director for Yellowstone Landscape, a national commercial landscaping company headquartered in Bunnell, Florida, says that many of their clients are looking to make changes or additions to the typical landscaping to brighten things up for the holidays.

Here are some of the ways that Yellowstone has added holiday cheer.

Lighting water features red and green

So often when we think of holiday lights, we automatically jump to string lights. But Barnes points out that simply changing out the bulbs in a lighted water feature to red and green or blue and white can make a dramatic impact.

“This is an inexpensive change as it simply means switching out a bulb,” Barnes says. “But it definitely makes a statement.” 

dding festive color to seasonal enhancements

Think about ways that you can create fun and festive patterns with color variations, such as this candy cane.Yellowstone Landscape

Another way that Yellowstone Landscape helps to make a property more festive is by switching out some of the colors in the plant beds. Many of their clients are located in temperate climates where they have lots of choices for blooming plant material. Flowers in shades of deep red, burgundy, and white all have a holiday feel to them. 

“Poinsettias are always a natural choice as well,” says Barnes. “We have completed some fun designs using poinsettias such as creating a candy cane by alternating white and red.” 

Even if clients don’t live somewhere warm, using greenery, berries, and wreaths can go a long way in adding holiday appeal.

Creating holiday containers

Yellowstone also frequently uses container gardens in their landscape designs and Barnes says that these can easily become part of the holiday decor.

“If your clients do not live somewhere warm, some creativity using additions like pine branches, pine cones, and bright-red berries give that festive feel when other plants are not in bloom,” Barnes adds. “You can also incorporate decorations like glass balls or ornaments.” 

Barnes says that interior areas like lobbies and common areas often get overlooked when it comes to holiday decor. Landscapers can suggest bringing in some poinsettias or adding a container to these spots to brighten things up.

guide no matter what the season

At the end of the day, it comes down to encouraging your clients to think of you as a helpful guide that wants to help make their property look its best no matter what the season. Helping clients to brighten up their properties for the holidays will also keep your services fresh in their minds as the next season rolls around. 

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