3 reasons fallen leaves are a problem

With leaf removal season just around the corner, you might be looking for ways that you can sell more of this add-on service. Oftentimes, residential homeowners and even commercial property managers tend to think of fallen leaves being a problem for two main reasons—they’re an aesthetic eyesore and they are a pain to have to rake.

But there are actually several other major reasons why leaf drop can become a serious problem if not addressed.

We’ve rounded up a list of three main reasons why leaves should not be left for long periods of time on the ground. Educating your clients on these three issues is a great way to demonstrate the value of a leaf removal service. Even if they don’t end up hiring you, you’ll help make them a more informed consumer which they’ll appreciate. But a lot of times, clients would rather have someone handle this service for them than using up precious free time on the weekends.

Plus, remind homeowners how laborious raking can be. In many cases, the cost of a leaf removal service like yours is cheaper than trips to the chiropractor for a sore back!

1. Fallen leaves can pose a safety risk

One big problem with leaf drop that is often overlooked is the fact that leaves left lying on grass can become really slippery. Even just a little bit of water from some rain can make your client’s grass or hardscaping slick.

This might not be as big a worry for residential homeowners, but it is for commercial property managers or HOA board members who don’t want to deal with the risk associated with a slippery property. Talk to your clients about the fact that regular leaf clean-up can potentially reduce their liability. Slips and falls are a big deal on commercial properties.

2. Leaves on the ground can become a habitat for critters

Another problem with leaving fallen leaves on the ground for too long is that they can become an invitation for unwanted pests like lawn insects and even rodents to take up residence. These critters are often in search of a place to hid out and the cover of some fallen leaves can make a great spot. If your clients wait too long to pick up their leaves, they might find that when they do, pests have already found a home there.

This is particularly problematic for any fallen leaves near a home or building’s foundation. It can increase the likelihood of these pests making their way inside.  It’s also best to clean up fallen leaves and other debris around a foundation as promptly as possible.

3. Leaf cover can kill the grass and inhibit lawn care services

Another big problem with letting a bunch of leaves remain on the ground is that it can start to kill the grass. Heavy leaf cover will block the lawn’s access to sunlight. It might even block its access to water and nutrients (you certainly can’t perform a fertilization service if there’s a bunch of leaves in the way). So, you can also position leaf removal as being healthier for the lawn.

If your clients are going to have you perform aeration and overseeding this fall, you should also inform them that having all of their leaves picked up ahead of this service will be important if they want it performed properly. If they don’t have time to pick up and remove the leaves themselves, this is a great way to land this add-on service.